BHRR's Veteran had his special date today! Another glorious weather day and my daughter and I drove to a beautiful conservation area in Kingston, ON to meet up with the winners of his special date! Below is a picture of this amazing couple with hearts like gold!!!

When we got home, in cleaning out the picnic basket; we found a donation for the BHRR animals tucked inside!!! It was an absolute pleasure meeting these two amazing folks and I could have spent hours just chatting!

BHRR's Veteran also was able to visit with a Great Pyr puppy! With all the dogs he saw today; he demonstrated no 'worry' signs of stress at any of them and during the times that I was there; he saw a Great Pyr pup, a Golden Retriever and a lovely black/tan Heinz 57! Apparenlty, there was a lab swimming and other dogs to that he showed only signs of wanting to play! I am proud of you BHRR's Veteran!!!! You are learning to trust more and more and more that all the dogs outside of BHRR are not going to hurt you! 🙂

He has put on 40+ pounds since his arrival to BHRR! LOOKING just FABU big boy! 🙂

Here is a blurb that they posted on our BHRR FB Page of their special date experience from today:

"Some days are just perfect. Everything just works out great….. today was one of those days. We had our date with Veteran. Perfect drive from Toronto to Kingston, Gwen picked the most amazing conservation area. We meet our handsome guy Veteran at the park, and FELL IN LOVE!!!!
Gwen and her great daughter are 2 of the most amazing people you can ever hope to meet. Veteran loves his mom and we had to distract him with treats so she could drive away. We went for a great hike through the trails and saw birds, turtles, swans, frogs you name it.
There was a couple of times my husband – had 10 bucks on me and the dog ending up in the lake. What a great explorer our veteran is. Every time Carl lagged behind Veteran would stop and wait. I was sure this was a sign of bonding – carl is sure it is cause he had the treats in his pocket.
After about an hour walk – we stopped and had lunch… no wait a feast !!!!! Gwen gave us a beautiful real wicker picnic basket – stuffed to the top with lunch. Fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, cheese, crackers, chips, …. the list goes on.
We ate lunch by the lake – snuck a few bits of turkey to Veteran (don’t tell). Never have I seen a dog take his treats so gentle.. so gentle. I have a lab and her idea of gentle is only eating 1 of your fingers. Veteran took the tiniest crumb so softly.
It is absolutely hilarious when you turn around and his head is resting on the picnic table and you notice that he actually has to bend down to do it.
Veteran is so tall you don’t even have to bend to pet him when you are walking. On the walks he kept rubbing his head on my leg. I kept having to stop and hug him and give him scratches. He likes a good chin scratch. When we stopped for pictures you can’t help but just maul him and hug him.
After lunch – we went for another hike on a different trail, with lots of stops for water and treats. Oh… and a poop that I was sure was done by a horse. No I am not kidding. We used 3 regular dog poop bags. It was the only thing Gwen didn’t warm us about.
After that it was time for a snooze under the tree to wait for Gwen. Oh…. there was a moment when we had him stuffed in the car – thinking of ways to make a run for the border with him.
Thank you Gwen for all you do. For taking all this time to bring these beautiful dogs to people like us – so we can enjoy them. I can’t tell you – how great this day has been because of you. We grinned like silly kids all the way home in the car.

May 13th, 2012 – DOESN'T a GD look great 'on' them! 😀
AND as tall as BHRR's Veteran is; they are a model tall family themselves!