In going over BHRR's Jetta's paperwork; her birthday is May 1st, 2011. On May 3rd, 2012; she was given her DHPP Vaccine and also Advantage. Her paperwork confirms that she was spayed.

On February 12th, 2012(when she was at the Shelter before bouncing back on May 2nd, 2012); she was given Bordetella. The reason why she was surrendered back was due to 'no time'.

She is also microchipped through EIDAP and we shall work on transferring the microchip under the authority of BHRR.

I cannot find any record of a rabies vaccine and we shall have this vaccine done at KAH once she has put on some more weight.

She has been fully integrated with all the dogs here except BHRR's Riley and that shall be tomorrow. 😀 She is all gooberhead puppy and the boot camp began from the moment she walked into our house. 😉

She is eating and drinking well and has only had two accidents in the house to date; both in her crate. She will get there!

We are also working on her 'negative seeking attention' barking and already it is better than what it was on Saturday. Her crate is beside BHRR's Bloom and I see BHHRR's Bloom looking over at her as if to say 'we do not do that here!' LOL LOL