Brought to our attention in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday May 5th, was of a GD that was picked up as a stray in the evening of May 4th(in such poor shape, she was rescued laying in mud) and in bad shape.

Unfortunately, though the person who had her was given our information and us theirs; they had placed her with a shelter in the Montreal area for they were just not equipped to take on a Giant Breed; let alone one with her needs and we then had to wait until her hold period was up to bring her to BHRR. One of the wonderful employees at the shelter, knew me from our time together on the first seizure done last September from PAWS R US and she contacted myself directly to ask if I would be willing to take her in.

We stayed in regular contact and today; finally we were able to bring BHRR's Emma(the name suggestion on our fb page thread just really seems to suit her!) today.

While she was at the shelter, we did ask to have vaccines held off as it is suspected that she may be pregnant yet; it appears from the paperwork that she was given DHPP & Bordetella.

We cannot thank the Shelter enough for keeping us updated, walking her and giving her baths(diarrhea) plus doing her nails(they were extremely overgrown). She is thin, appears to also have a UTI(incontinence and a smell) and she is scheduled to come with me to KAH on Tuesday for an exam etc. After such a long and stressful day; I want/need to give her a little time to just settle in and begin to relax. Bloat/Tort is very much a risk right now for her. She did not eat any supper offered her way yet did drink a little. If she was in critical state, we would have had her go to the Vet today.

In looking her over closely, I would say she is about 4 years old max, quite thin and could well be pregnant or a false pregnancy and she has had puppies in her past. 🙁 She is not a wallflower this one. She has lived a life already from her body and eyes yet; just as with FREEDOM DANE BHRR's Adele; with all the exercise she shall get here and all the positive support; she will thrive. BHRR's Adele zooms and plays and runs and romps for almost 4 hours each day(loves the AM the most!) with her daughters and some of their best friends. People are in awe of her body condition now and mental health and BHRR's Emma will get there too. She is a wise GD… can see the brain just ticking away. She is patient too.

Below is one photo of her from when she was first picked up and laying in the mud. She is a mismarked fawn mantle(fawntle)

BHRR's Emma – the night she was found as a stray and picked up in the Montreal area – May 4th, 2012