BHRR's Jetta arrived safe and sound today! We received a call last Monday that a black with white female(about 1) was returned to an SPCA in Quebec after being adopted out.

BHRR takes the next in need regardless of colour and we needed a name and per one on the thread on our BHRR Facebook Group; looking for name suggestions; this one was brought up:

"X suggests Jetta, for the Gwenmobile.. which he asks "how many dogs has she saved in that car, and it's black??"

We decided to go with the name 'Jetta' based upoon the flood of emails and texts sent our way for reasons such as:

1) I have driven my Jetta all across the USA and to the east coast of Canada and as far away as Manitoba to save animals in need of BHRR

2) we take in the next one in need regardless of colour and many other places will not take in the 'blacks' because they are not hightly adoptable

3) it is a great name for a sleek shiny black GD that certainly has 'horsepower'!

She is a bit thin yet otherwise your typical almost 1 year old untrained GD. She is 'saucy' and reminds me quite a bit of both BHRR's Mindy with those long model legs and typical byber face that makes her 100% stunning rescued dog and BHRR's Riley with her 'edginess'!

This one is going to take me for a wild ride for sure! 😉 AND I am looking forward to the hills and valleys and all the pot holes and pit stops in-between! LOL She is already 'talking' to me as I type; telling me how she feels about being in a crate. 😀

She will begin her de-worming protocol and be placed on Heartworm preventative. I will bring her in and we shall also do a HWT and obtain a weight.