Dana has been very consistent the last two nights in letting me know at 3:02 AM to be exact that she has to go outside. She does her business, comes in for a treat, a little lovin’ and settles back into her crate until just after 7:00 AM. She keeps re-opening this one spot on her tail and I am going to put her on antibiotics for it. I was able to do her back nails all by myself while she slept last night yet when I got to the second nail on her left front paw, she woke up and was not too happy! LOL I will finish the rest of them with Sean’s help in holding her. While I was with a Client yesterday; Sean said that she had a pee in the house yet that is not bad considering we have had her since Wednesday night. While she was sleeping last night; I was able to touch her a lot more and in looking much closer at her ears; I am going to bring her back in for I am not quite sure what is going on. On the edges of her left ear; it almost looks like it has been ‘eaten’ in three spots and on her right ear, in one spot. It does not look like frost-bite to me and while I could be wrong; I want to get her back in now that she will be ‘still’ enough(of course, she will be awake yet she is much better about being held and touched without being so wiggy wormed!). There is also one area on her tail that I was able to look much closer at and it reminds me of her ears and where it is located plus how the hair is in and around that area; makes me wonder if she has a skin condition in addition to everything else. I am just not sure what they represent and they are not itchy, red, scabby, oozing etc. and maybe it is frost-bite….we will see what the Vet says. I also do not think they were ‘caught’ on something and tore either…to have three on one ear, one of the other and underneathe her tail, just does not add up to a cause of that type. I am not convinced that this one spot on her tail plus her ears are the results of environmental factors. I am not overly concerned about them yet would like to get them checked out. It was so hard to properly look her over at the Hospital as closely as I have been able to last night during her trusting sleep and I am now noticing a few things like this that I could not see so well before. What looked like just bald spots on her ears indeed have pieces missing out of them and I now see more on the underside of her tail. Yet she is eating, drinking, playing more(YAY!) and putting on weight(I actually had to loosen her collar yesterday!(GO DANA! GO DANA!) all well. In fact, when she does play, it is rough and parts of my body have been the bearer of the imprints of a very rough, nipping mouth! She likes to grab at my coat as I take it off and also the back of my clothes in play yet has no concept of ‘gentle’ and OUCH! LOL She plays for little moments with Porridge, a Client’s dog and Soul the best and the most(for the few moments that she does throughout the day). She is very slowly picking up some play behavour yet often stands there a wee bit confused over the antics of the dogs. SHE will pick it up…….She LOVES this ‘good cuz’ that we have and just pounces on it yet as soon as it stops, she loses interest and looks at us….we then roll it again and off she goes again until it stops moving and then looks at us again to roll it. She does not realise that she can move it herself!!! She is going into her crate very willingly now and can often be found just lying in it during the day(I only crate her for feeding/high value treats during the day) on her own volition. At night, she is crated and I have been putting her into the crate at midnight and as mentioned above; she settles down for about 3 hours, goes out and then is back to her crate for another 4 hours. GOOD GIRL! I found her lying on our bed last night and I saw her lip curl at Cherokee and then at Porridge when I was near and she was corrected, taken off the bed and there were no more incidents after that. So, she is doing really well in that area and continues to learn to ‘share’. She does not growl, lunge, bark or snarl with this behavour. We will continue to work on acceptable manners/methods of communication plus sharing and that she shall not want for anything and she is a smart cookie; she is getting it! There is so much depth and personality to this girl that I am finding so much to say about her each time I write! Loving this girl and all she represents!!!! 😀