BHRR's Dana was ADOPTED on April 19th, 2012!

BHRR's Dana as did we….waited patiently for her right forever matched loving home and from the moment we brought her emaciated(barely 64 pounds and now almost 130 pounds) broken body and heart to BHRR; we committed to her. I had to amputate a toe, build her up emotionally from the ground and lots and lots of patient, loving and firm obedience sent her way AND she is one of the best dogs ever out there!! She gives all of herself to anything she does; no half measures for her. She wags not just with her tail but her whole butt!! She is brill and I am going to miss her antics of the toilet paper rolls and the ice maker on the fridge and seeing all the dogs sitting waiting for the ice cubes!
Her sitting on the dogs heads to 'steal' their beds may not be so missed by the dogs!
She has been privy to many a painful grieving moment to my heart and when I told her good-bye today, I put my head to hers and whispered in her ear 'to keep shining my beautiful dollface' and gave her a couple of kisses.
She won the home over with her impeccable manners; loving heart and giving spirit. They have two kids and when each of them cried; she kissed them and layed down by them.

Poor BHRR's Dana has been overlooked in the past because she was a big black dog…sigh…what a crime! 🙁
We adore her and if that right home never found her; she lived a great life with us and her training plus manners (the jumping left…yay!); just became better and better.
She remains a delightful handful and may her new forever loving home cherish her as the gift she is!!!
AND this was another good trip outside of BHRR for both BHRR's Kyo & BHRR's Cobalt! 🙂
There is a big hole at BHRR with her gone but she had no need of us for a long time now.
Thanks everyone for cheering for her!
Now, may our other two female & one male black beauty find a right loving adoptive home too!

I am going to miss you my sweet Dollface Dana/ALVIN! 🙂

BHRR's Dana with BHRR's Goliath – February 2012