Sean and I feel comfortable at this time to put BHRR’s Lil Linus back up for adoption. We were going to wait another month; until he turned 1 yet he is doing SOOOOOOOOOOO well! I do plan on bringing him in to have his feet looked at yet one more time but I am feeling really good about how things are at this time. Any new home will have to understand that excellent nutrition is a must for his continued proper development and that exercise management is going to be key so that he does not put himself at a high risk at hurting himself. Some days, he just wants to zoom and be a complete goober outside and we must ‘tame’ the wild beast and once he is settled; allow him to go and play again. He is just a riot this one!!!! We continue to work on ‘gentle’ when he plays with 11 week old Tain for he thinks that Tain is an extra large stuffie and likes the ‘squeaks’ he can elicit when playing with him as he thumps a large paw on Tain’s head or rump to hold him still to groom and lick him. LOL He is a good boy and I am very proud of him. I have a real soft spot for this boy and he has come so far during his time with us. He is going to make someone an excellent family member and there shall never be a dull moment in your home while BHRR’s Lil Linus is in it! 😛 I have a couple new pics to post of BHRR’s Lil Linus and MAN! HE is stunning!!!! I will do my best to get those pictures up within the next day or so.