BHRR's Rambo arrived yesterday and is settling in well. He travelled GREAT and was so very lovingly donated a KONG plus a homemade tug rope! 🙂

I have including several photos taken of him from yesterday and here is a short VIDEO!

He really needs weight, have to check out that dry skin plus he has a brewing infection on his chin(puppy acne?). He is a nice smaller male black/tan Doberman. He needs about 20 pounds of muscle mass/weight at this time for me to feel comfortable with where he should be at this age/bone structure/conformation. He has a short 'junkyard' crop and has one tiny piece of one ear missing.

For those that have been already inquiring about him, we have been responding back as we can and just to post here for all to read; our mandates are that each new arrival to BHRR must be with us for a minimum of 4-5 weeks. This enables us to fully Vet, assess/.evaluate and begin a structured obedience program.

Apparently, Rambo was a local star recently in SWO as he was featured in a local newspaper and the inquries in him have been slowly flowing in. At BHRR, we just would like for the public to know that BHRR's Rambo shall be placed up for adoption, when he is ready and we are not in any rush to put him in just any home. As with every dog at BHRR; we want to do 'right' by each and every one of them and BHRR's Rambo is no different.

We have been entrusted with his welbeing and we take that trust very seriously.

Regular posts and photos plus videos as we can shall be posted as time permits.

To learn more about BHRR's adoption process and procedures plus mandates; please visit HERE.

He is a powerful young very handsome male doberman with a strong mind and will of his own. I do not want to see that broken yet rather have him focused plus channeled with that spirit in proper venues. He really likes to jump when he gets excited and will grab at things; be it his leash, your sleeve or arm. We stay calm and firmly tell him 'no, jump', 'no, pull' and 'no, mouth' and then passively ignore him. We do not want to create negative seeking attention behavours. YOU cannot get him worked up for that just feeds his desire to be very mouth on and this is where I can clearly see that someone was mouthed by him. He is very easily excitable and as we work on getting his energy levels met with proper excerise; we are also working on keeping his mind also stimulated with proper focus and thinking tasks. He is a very smart boy with very intelligent gorgeous eyes(YUP! More amazing eyes! LOL) and he is not hesitant about letting you know that he wants to bulldoze his way around.

He has proven housebroken and loves to play and 'talk' to his food bowl! AS if to say 'what are you doing being empty already!'. I have yet to hear the 'Dobie Whine'….so, much to look forward to! LOL

BHRR's Rambo with Rich & asleep as I drive back to BHRR – March 31st, 2012