March 26th, 2012

This is Katie(l) & Devon(r) with BHRR's Kyo(6+ year old GD)
March 26th, 2012
*I was asked to go to Earl of March Secondary School in Kanata by them to be interviewed and to talk to their Grade 10 Civics & Careers class. There were about 25-30 students*
M. Aris for coming with me and it was a lovely community education & public awareness opportunity to discuss not only the unique work of BHRR; yet the importance of spaying/neutering, proper Vet care, training, supporting only r/q organizations, about puppymills and so much more!
THANKS ladies for a lovely morning!!! 🙂
Katie & Devon even made a $25 donation to BHRR!
I asked both of them what they would like to do as their own Career path choice and Katie is thinking about being a teacher & Devon wants to be a Vet! 🙂

After this; I took him to KAH, got a weight on him(48.9 KGs or 107.58 pounds); visited for about 20 minutes and we then went to get him a special treat from Timmie's.
HE is such an easy keeper and NOTHING like what the one home that failed with his adoption and told the Rescue that adopted him to them said he was.
Their loss and he shall be anothers' gem! 🙂

I would like to see another 15 pounds or so of muscle mass and weight on him. He is doing great! OTHER than the recall when he is free to romp in the 2+ acre fenced in yard! LOL That shall come!

I am stunned to think that 1) anyone could give him up 2) that he is said to be 6+ years of age FOR he makes my own to almost 6 year old Danes look 12! LOL He is such a 'young' boy!