Here is a VIDEO of my recent roadtrip to Windsor, ON and back with BHRR's Dana & BHRR's Veteran! I think they both travel great in a car! 🙂 😉

SO proud of them both. I overnighted in Cambridge, ON in a motel due to how nasty the roads were. The compliments on how well behaved, quiet and wonderful they were/are was just so delightful to hear! We were next to a room that had a small barking dog and that Owner never picked up after their dog either and that was very discouraging for it is only going to make hotels/motels NOT want to be petfriendly. 🙁 So thrilled that more people were able to experience just how incredible these Giants are and can be with proper obedience, structure, love, routine, patience and consistency!

Photo below is from Kingston taken March 1st, 2012 on my drive down through almost 30 cms of snow, ice pellets and some hail.

AND I will confirm and emphasis again that BHRR's Veteran is NOT going to be adopted to a home with a or any younger cats – he has proven not safe with cats,10 years or younger for sure a NO-NO. He has had three separate controlled 'test' encounters and maybe as he matures more; but is is not going to be a consideration at this time.