Lil Linus is doing great! MAN! I have to get a new weight on the big brute! His feet have not pained him in quite some time and Sean and I are going to hold off until he turns one to determine if he can go back up for adoption. His feet are still a bit flatter than I would like to see yet he is not limping or making any sounds of distress of late and we have seen some ‘zoomies’ from him. 😛 Should LL be put up for adoption, he will go to a home that works from home, works part-time, is semi-retired or retired. Like BHRR’s LT, he really needs the stimulation and training and this is something that only a home that can be with him a lot can create that proper environment he needs. He would do best in a home with at least one other dog; male or female yet that is not a mandatory requirement as long as he is being socialised frequently in situations and has the opportunity to have his own social network. He is a very high maintenance boy with energy and enthusiasm and I continue to feel that he is related to BHRR’s LT for I keep calling him the ‘Mini Model T’ quite often! 😛 Feeding time continues to be quite the event with LL and if I could bottle just some of that zest for life; I will have found the fountain of youth! LOL He is a really great boy and still a bit of a knucklehead when it comes to his leash manners in distraction situations, the goober!