Today's FREEDOM Dane update comes from 'Freedom'. Sean and I have been seriously wondering if some of these dogs have a voice. We have yet to hear a peep from Gretta and Peanut and only recently have we heard a sound from Adele( that was when BHRR's Riley thought she would make a great 'jump' obstacle and had jumped over her once and was headed back to try it again and he tripped in typical Riley fashion and bumped the 'Queen'. She made her first ever grumpy sound).

Well today, I was doing a bit of training with Ms. Dynamite aka Bloom and I heard this sound from the kitchen. Never having heard that voice; I went to investigate and here was Freedom wagging his tail slightly( that is so exciting unto itself!!!) looking at the dishwasher and doing a playbow!!! A real playbow and he was barking! AND just what exactly was he barking at! His reflection in the dishwasher! He was really hoping that the handsome dude he saw was going to play with him!

When I came in, he looked over his shoulder and was happy! Like he found a new friend!
We will work on the barking….BUT he does have a voice and was comfortable enough to use it!!! AND some tail wags AND a playbow. Those are the important things!!!

Another good day at BHRR! 🙂