Thanks so much

Hi Guys, I was just looking at your website and all the wonderful work you guys do. We, that's my Wife, Oakley our Great Dane/ Akbash mix, 1.7 years old, and me just want to say thanks. You guys are miracle workers. You speak for those that cannot talk. Some of the photos and info you have on the neglected animals are truly heartbreaking, and evoke a mix of emotions from me, anger, hate, sadness, pain, etc. I really cannot understand how anyone could treat a animal like that. Our big ole lug sleeps on the bed with us, goes everywhere with us, loves us, hugs us, plays with us, and pretty much everything else with us. We have always loved our dogs like this. Our last guy went to the rainbow bridge Nov 30th 2010, and we think of him every single day. We have his cremains on our mantle which we walk past everyday. But, that's life, and unfortunately our best friends don't live like us. We quickly rescued our Big Lug Oakers from a couple who only had him for a few months as a puppy, which they could not provide the care for him he needed due to another animal in the house. He very quickly became a BIG part of our family, and has turned out to be a AMAZING dog, both in and out of the house. We just want to say thanks so much for providing your time, money and love for these animals. Your miracle workers, even if you cannot see it.

P.S we are located in Renfrew County, just a hop skip and a jump away. You might even come across one of his brothers or sisters, as he was originality from Lanark area. Maybe we could stop in sometime to take a look around and talk a little more about your operation. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!