I just wanted to take a moment to share my enthusiasm for all the work that you are doing. I met a couple who allowed me to swoon all over their Great Dane. To make a long story short, they told me she had come from Birch Haven (I believe her name was Ava). Since then, I have visited your site often. We currently have a 13 year old border collie (with something mixed in) who is the centre of the universe. I have, so often, thought of adopting a Great Dane, but am terrified of the impact it would have on our guy. Then, I thought of fostering to “try it out”. I can’t help but think I’m still being selfish…. Our fabulous vet has Great Danes & I think I’ll chat with him a bit next time we “visit”, particularly given the predisposed health problems Great Danes have. All this to say, please carry on with your awesome work !!

Thank you

What a wonderful organization. Clearly built from love. I have a dane/pointer cross rescue that had been bounced from home to home for a year before he picked me. A choc lab Senior that loves our rescue immensely. If it were up to me I would set up a rescue in my neck of the woods for large dogs. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.



I Love Your Update List

Besides the fact that I love your rescue and the enormous amount of experience and knowledge behind all your actions, I love the list you have been using for quite a while now that shows the current “adoption” status of all of your adoption possibilities. That is a great idea. Just another one of the many you have. My best wishes, as always. xxoo to all the dogs, too. Merrilee

Danes ’till I die

Hi, I'm new to your site but have 3 of my own Danes-2 rescues 1 special needs I will mosey along your info untill I find what I want which is coats! Just wanted to say hi- will come to the next walk. Mary


I was at the Ottawa Bytown Farmer's Market recently (Sep 29, 2012)and literally followed a young man and his black & white Great Dane. When I spoke with him he told me he had got his dog from Birch Haven. He got her when she was 3 years old, requiring knee surgery. She's 5 now, and just lovely to engage with. I wanted to share this with you and add my support to the good work you are doing. I'm also going to look at a possible foster/adoption

Lynn, Markham, ON


I first want to say that what you are doing is just the most wonderful thing for all these dogs.

You are a truly amazing woman with the biggest heart.

I have been following your website for a few years after my Dane of 11 years passed.

He too was a rescue at 9 months and although I have had many dogs since a child  he was my true soul mate.

So I live precariously through your website and enjoy reading your success stories and my heart breaks when I read of the ones that don’t make it.

When I read about Blossom I decided that was it…….I had to donate.

I hope one day to get a another Dane and will reach out to you when the time is right. I still miss my Fred every day.

Words cannot express how much I am in awe of all the good work you do.

You are a Mother Teresa to these dogs and as she once said : “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

This you truly do for all the dogs that come to BHRR.



K. Rader, SWO, ON

Dear Gwen, Sean, Mason and Kinsley,

Not a day goes by that I do not open your website at work to catch up on all the lastest news. Today, just 45 minutes ago I was reading the blogs and discovered your heartbreaking news about Atlas. I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am. I was finished work at 3:30 and cried all the way home. What you did for that dog was nothing short of amazing!! But like you I feel that he deserved so much better at the beginning of his life. No animal should have to live the way he did. Being so far away and only meeting him once you may think I am silly for feeling his loss this way, but by reading your blogs it almost feels like I know each of the dogs intimately. I can not even imagine the hole you must be feeling right now. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers and I can hardly wait to see you next weekend and to be able to love on all the other dogs!!

Thinking of you,


I am so impressed with what you are doing!


Usually, if I am thinking of adopting I will spend anywhere from six months to two years researching.

I am not trying to "replace" her as that would be impossible. I am trying to do my homework as I know my next dog will be another giant breed. I am interested in Saints, Great danes of course, Mastiffs, Newfs, and Wolfhounds as well. The only thing heartbreaking about these breeds is life span but, I know where my heart is and it's with the gentle giants. I have researched some with Berners too but, am so disappointed in the major ongoing health problems that seem to be just ruining that breed. Maybe there are breeders that are extending their lives some but, some I see are only living six years? I could see if that was a Wolf hound but, heavens..Berners aren't that large really so what on earth is going on.

So, I go looking for somewhere not far from me who does work with adopting out larger dogs. I am in Kingston.. I find tons of places all over Ontario but, I'm not satisfied with their easy, breezy approach. It seems rather fishy to me.

What I got from that experience was this. I thought back and all the things the people said about the dog were glowing and they hadn't asked me any questions at all. No, "Do you have fenced yard?" nothing. That should have been a red flag to me but, I trusted this "rescue" as it was part of the humane society there! You can't win them all but, you can learn from these sorts of things.

When I read your website I noticed how strict it seemed. The plethora of questions, the rules. To me that means you are trying to match dogs to families or homes that are a good "fit" I guess that might take some time and be a longer process which is also to my liking. It means fewer dogs being rehomed over and over or worse. Very well done!  I suppose you must get some people feeling it's a lot of hoops…not me. It's just enough. What a comfort to see in this day and age of millions of breeders and tons of pet shop puppies.

I have not filled out an application yet as I am not at that point right now. This elderly doxie could not handle the stress of a new addition but, when I AM ready to apply it will be to your rescue. I hope I meet your requirements when that time comes as you surely have shown you are serious about rehoming these dogs without exception and with dedication to your rules. That really IS heartening.

Even though  I am not at the point of adopting just yet, I hope it will be possible sometime this year to visit your facility but, if not then I will wait until I am done the application process.

I just wanted to write and say that I've visited your site about four times now, taking it all in and looking over everything. I really feel the approach you are taking is fantastic and likely means adoptions are successful. I wish every rehoming group was doing it this way!

Cheers and thanks for the work you are doing,

Ruth Freeborn

L. Bausinger, Elora, ON


My family was looking at your website today and all of us wanted to say what a wonderful thing you are doing for these dogs.  They seem so loved and genuinely cared for. I know that they are all rescued and I can’t imagine anyone causing them harm or abusing them, but I know that they do.

H. Cowell, Kingston, ON

Dear Gwendilin,


First off, I would just like to say thank you. As I read through your website, and blog last night, I was completely stunned and brought to tears about the conditions many of these dogs have gone through. However, BHRR has renewed my faith in people. It is very obvious and apparent that you give so much time, and love to these dogs, and that is the most beautiful thing. Gwendilin, as I read through your blog & updates of the dogs, and watched your videos (which were very well done) I felt somewhat of a kinship with you. I completely understand your love for these dogs, and how you are able to continuously work to help them. My mother loves animals (she always says she can "talk dog") and this trait, I think, has been passed down to be, and only heightened. I cannot pass a dog on the street without wanting to pet it, and I have to constantly remind myself that I am a student, and cannot currently provide everything a rescue dog needs (mostly being, that I cannot say what I will be doing come May 2013). I am constantly reading the Humane Society's website for shelters across Canada. I began volunteering at the Kingston Humane Society in order to help do something to make their dogs (and cats) time at the shelter a little bit better. When I hear you write about the different dogs, I can just hear your love for each and everyone.

Last night when I read on your website (under the REALITY) section about one dog that was dipped in acid, I just couldn't stand it, and decided I needed to do something. I couldn't get that image out of  my mind for quite some time. This image was replaced my Shamrock. But then I tried to force myself to think about Journey, and the video you posted, but also about all of the success stories – just on your website.




Hannah Cowell

C. Joncas

….and the thought of a bloat issue when we aren't home. Both things I found looking around your site and  reading the posts on your wall, so thank-you !!! i'd have felt horrible if we had gotten one and then got hit with reality. There really do need to be more people out there like you.

Thank You soo much for the help. I'm sure they'd go over it in training, but you seem to have alot of practice in this.  Before I go and forget to mention it, My mom was down visiting and I had shown her your website. We both love what you do to help our four- legged friends, so we'd like to thank you on their behalf.

Journey’s progress!!!!

Hi…I just wanted to write to say that the world needs more people like you to care for our four legged friends like Journey. They are so innocent and all they want is to be loved. I have been following her story since she was found…and those cookies, if my dog Cooper could speak he would say they are awesome.

I’m sure when the time comes to find a good home for Journey, there will be people lining up to give her their love.

Good luck with the rest of her recovery 🙂

Thanks so much

Hi Guys, I was just looking at your website and all the wonderful work you guys do. We, that's my Wife, Oakley our Great Dane/ Akbash mix, 1.7 years old, and me just want to say thanks. You guys are miracle workers. You speak for those that cannot talk. Some of the photos and info you have on the neglected animals are truly heartbreaking, and evoke a mix of emotions from me, anger, hate, sadness, pain, etc. I really cannot understand how anyone could treat a animal like that. Our big ole lug sleeps on the bed with us, goes everywhere with us, loves us, hugs us, plays with us, and pretty much everything else with us. We have always loved our dogs like this. Our last guy went to the rainbow bridge Nov 30th 2010, and we think of him every single day. We have his cremains on our mantle which we walk past everyday. But, that's life, and unfortunately our best friends don't live like us. We quickly rescued our Big Lug Oakers from a couple who only had him for a few months as a puppy, which they could not provide the care for him he needed due to another animal in the house. He very quickly became a BIG part of our family, and has turned out to be a AMAZING dog, both in and out of the house. We just want to say thanks so much for providing your time, money and love for these animals. Your miracle workers, even if you cannot see it.

P.S we are located in Renfrew County, just a hop skip and a jump away. You might even come across one of his brothers or sisters, as he was originality from Lanark area. Maybe we could stop in sometime to take a look around and talk a little more about your operation. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!


So…..Sorry it has been a while, but I rarely can fight the family for the computer these days !! LOL

But I can see that the *Special Angels /Gwen & Sean are hard at work as usual.

Wonderful group of Dogs on your site, and Riley & Hailey look like a certain BJJ/H here at home in the Big Smoke !!

I am sort of Partial to that Irish/*Goliath-(BEAUTIFUL)-!!

-> Always LOVE –ALL– Your BHRR/Names as Well !!!

Last time we visited Animal Services we saw Our mutual/friend Chelsea, back hard at work , & what a Precious Daughter she has…..

***Listen Folks -Who have Wanted- a Great Dane -ALL- your LIFE ??

That was me back in 2006…..But Sean & Gwen made my Dreams become a REALITY with my Prize Possesion which my wife calls my SHADOW !!!

I really don’t know what I would do without Him or our other Rescue ??

I am completely pre-occupied with our Danes daily and hate being apart when I am on the night shift.

I’m told the rest of the family hold the fort -well- I’m at work, but -they- are chop liver once I return home to my rescues !! -> Particularly my BHRR/Harle LOL

So…..There is No Time Like the Present !!!

Don’t Delay any Longer ??? Allow Gwen & Sean to change your LIFE for the BETTER !!!

Adopt Immediately , or *HELP out with a Donation, because
–ALL– their Rescues are WORTH It !!!

–> You Will NOT –Regret– It !!!

Once again from Our Family to the *BHRR-Family….

Nothing but *BEST*WISHES* for -2012- & “Always“ !!!!

I will try to send Gwen , Sean & Children some pics` if I can get on the computer again in the future !! LOL

Give -Everyone- a Huge *KISS -( Dogs -Too- !!)- along with



Take Care,


Love – Mr. Arthur(V)Zane. & B-J Joker Heath.

— plus — Rodgers Family.

*P.S. – !!!! Don`t Forget to ADOPT a -BHRR- Dog Today !!!!


Debbie Miller

thank you for helping all these canines.
‘the more people i meet, the more i love my dog!’
wishing u the best for 2012! hoping i can help in some way


Hi I am just writing here becasue i stumbled across your page while looking for a dog for myself. after reading on almost every dog that you have posted and balling my eyes out becasue of the pain and suffering that they have been through i have decided to wait and adopt a dog from somewhere.Everyone seems to be looking for a puppy and i was one of them. Not any more. The work that you all do it amazing and im sure that it brings you so much joy to help these animals out. I have always wanted to get a great dane since i was younger. you are all certainly angels with all the work that you do.
take care