Boba has come a LONG way in just one week. He no longer crawls and ‘claws’ his way across our hardwood floors! 🙂 Boba has ‘issues’ with doorways. He will cry and whimper when he comes to any entranceway or doorway and though is is SOOO much better than when he first arrived, he will still hesitate and then make a ‘sudden’ rush through the entrance or doorway to get into the house, bedrooms etc. He was also very wary about coming into our kitchen area. He is SUCH a loving boy! I have to take new pictures of him as he has this little white strip on the side of his nose that is so cute! He has no qualms about getting on our bed and has begun to really settle down well at night. I have begun to separate him and Fancy for a few hours each day and night as he is really ‘bossed’ around by her for she is almost jealous to share him with any of the other dogs. He is still a bit possessive with his food around the other dogs yet no longer ‘grumps’ when they walk by or show interest in his bowl. I have to be careful about how I reprimand Boba when he sticks his nose into the garbage for if my voice is too loud, he visibly ‘crumbles’ and slinks away. He is a very sensitive boy and does a firm hand in working with him. I have dubbed him my ‘BobaGum’ for he is positively delicious!