Fancy is a very ‘complex’ girl. She has many layers and depths and I am looking forward to learning more about her. She is settling in really well though is slightly possessive over her food towards the other dogs especially to one of the other quite submissive female Great Danes. At this time, I would lean towards a home with other male dogs over females for while she tries to ‘dom’ over the males, she really drives that fact home with the females. I can handfed her and my kids can feed her treats without any issues and she is so very gentle in taking the food/treats. Fancy is not hesitant about asking for affection when she wants it and will sit and paw you to get your attention. While I have found her to date to be very trustworthy except for around the garbage with having free run of the house, she is not completely housebroken. We are working on that. She is very bold and will take food right out of the hands of my kids and when we are eating is a bit of a ‘beggar’. We will continue to work on that as well as her jumping. She jumped on Sean’s back the other night and Athena was very upset to see that. Fancy on the other hand was not going to back down and was prepared to meet Athena head on for any ensuing challenge and that shows just how strong this dog’s backbone is. Fancy is so unique and I am absolutely fascinated by her personality. Every once in awhile, I see glimpses of this incredible loving girl hiding inside of Fancy and I am very patient to wait for her to come out. She is so very ‘wise’ and ‘old’ in so many ways and I have yet to see her truly act like the puppy she really should be. She is also very jealous of any affection/attention shown to Boba by us or any of the other dogs and will ‘boss’ him away. I have taken to separating them for a few hours every day and night so that they can each have time to develop their own relationships with us and the other dogs. She sure does like the stuffies and squeaky toys though!!! Fancy is not a Dane for the inexperienced Dane home.