Sean and I have spent a lot of time talking in depth about BHRR’s Mazda and what is truly in her best interests. I have also had many conversations with my BOD, other head’s of Rescue organizations that I respect/believe are highly reputable/quality in respect to how they handle long-term dogs in their programs etc. I have also had many an email from the public who have been closely following Mazda’s story and listening to their feedback about thought processes on her welfare. Bottom line is that everyone wants what is best for Mazda and that is our priority. What catches us up is that Mazda has no need of us as a BHRR Haven Dog for she is neither physically nor behavourally affected and there is no reason for her NOT to be adopted. As we have never been in this situation after 12+ years of operating in having such a healthy, normal and behavourally/physically sound animal still in our program after this length of time; this is unchartered waters for us. Do we love Mazda, of course we do! Yet, we are very much aware that she would do best in a home of her own to continue to flourish and have the strong foundations that we have given her built upon. This being said; Sean & I have after much talk including all my conversations/emails with numerous others; we are going to keep Mazda up for adoption. To say that we do have mixed feelings about this is putting it lightly yet we must continue to think about what we truly feel is in Mazda’s best interests and what BHRR is all about and the mandates/rationale behind having a BHRR Haven Dog program and we do not believe that it is meant for dogs that are perfectly well adjusted, normal and healthy yet just have not had their right forever loving homes come by yet. We do not wish to ‘keep’ a dog back just because the timing has not been right for Mazda. We pride ourselves on our patience and in not rushing adoptions and I do not think that a time limit should be opposed on any animal in this situation in our program. She is not at any risk of euthanasia so we do not operate under that type of time restraints and unless we make a ‘personal’ decision to truly take her on completely as our own; to keep her as a BHRR Haven dog does not seem to align with what our BHRR Haven dog program is about. Are they grey areas; of course; yet I think that we must pull ourselves more emotionally away from Mazda’s situation and really look at the bigger picture her and what we truly feel is right for her and make that best end of day decision for her without the emotionally charged feelings(to be more objective). To keep her as a BHRR Haven dog because that right home has not yet discovered her; could be holding her back from what should be rightfully hers. Are we torn, we sure are as we adore Mazda yet the more that I have objectively tried to handle this with all the input that has been sent my way; Sean & I feel strongly that Mazda should remain ‘UP FOR ADOPTION’ at this time. We will re-visit things later and we are well aware that Mazda could wonderfully live out her years here having fun pushing KB/JB off the bed :-P, racing to see who gets the ‘prime’ real estate spot on the bed first(GOSH! She loves this game!) and bulldozering in her playful manner around the home/yard with complete happiness but it is an intangible that speaks to me at this time that it is felt that she could be JUST that much more happy and content in a place of her own. I am also well aware that not everyone will agree with our positioning at this time and I do understand for I have some of those exact thoughts myself yet if you have ever met Mazda; you would see that we have given her what she needed, when she needed it and now she is ready to TAKE on that big world with a family of her own and continue to blossom; thanking us for giving her a helping hand yet ready to show others what an asset she is to their own home plus community, sharing with them the gifts that only she can offer. I find it almost hard to explain what it is when I look into her eyes and ‘feel’ from her. I just sometimes feel that by keeping her here in our BHRR Haven program(which is very much continue to love her as one of our own); she thinks we may have ‘given’ up on her and that is not the case. We will adore Mazda whether she is here one more month or 100 more months; that is one thing that is certain. If I ever felt that she needed to be part of our Haven program; there would be no question or if she was telling us that we are that right forever matched home(which = our BHRR Haven Program in love/care); than she would be staying; but I do not 100% believe that we are there yet. Maybe in X amount of time and if that day comes; I know that Mazda will be the first to tell us. She most certainly does not act like a guest in our house NOR is she treated that way(no dog is here) that is for sure and she is so close with Cherokee and KB/JB but I think she is waiting for something else to help make her complete and we will wait patiently with her…….I thank every single person who has emailed, called, written their thoughts and views on Mazda and it is very much appreciated to have Mazda’s welbeing so well thought about. 🙂 I just do not wish to make a terrible mistake in ‘keeping’ Mazda when maybe we should not and in the end failing her in some way. 🙁 Sometimes, I wish life were not so complicated! We will continue to keep her blog updated.