Lil Linus’s neuter had to be rescheduled from yesterday. I was sick and shall reschedule when I am back at work at the hospital. Lil Linus also decided to ‘pull’ a BHRR’s Miss Gracie as I call it and broke the same finger she did years ago(my ring finger on my right hand); causing me mucho agony! LOL The swelling came up so fast, I did not even have time to pull my engagement ring that I wear on that hand off. Typing and working with the animals shall prove to be very challenging and Bronson also has a show coming up in a week+; so life is going to be interesting! 🙄 😛 Linus on the other hand, is doing GREAT! Did not stop him in his excitement to get outside at all! LOL The ‘war’ wounds that we must sometimes pay for in Rescue!