Mazda is now here safely and there are many people very happy to see her finally where she belongs. The support for us has been beyond appreciative in ensuring that we had the resources we needed in following this Legal matter through. Mazda came in a harness that was a bit too big for her and also allowed her to try and do her ‘houdini’ routine. She is now sporting a collar donated to Rescue just for her. Until today, we had not even known what she looked like and she is a beautiful girl. Her facial bone structure is FABULOUS!!! Mazda will not ‘listen’ to anyone if they do not show her the correct manner of handling. Even though she is very treat motivated, those treats are not needed in ensuring that her leash manners are good. With the correct tone and control on her leash; she walked wonderfully with me. She has no qualms about running circles around anyone not ‘aware’ of what her game is. She is positively brilliant and I am going to have so much fun with her! She is very social with tail wagging and had no issues just coming into our home and ‘taking’ over! 🙂 She is “Queen” Mazda and she has already been comfortably drinking and eating. She knows the name of ‘Mazda’ vaguely and she could afford to lose a few pounds. I believe she is older than 1 years of age and we will see if the Vet concurs. Her nipple condition suggests that she has either already had a heat or at least one litter in her life. She was a little intimidated in seeing some of the other dogs as she was put into her crate(she is crate trained); yet she is settling in well. She will be going to the Vet on May 5th with Dodger whom she has made a fast bond with and will be microchipped, HW tested and we will do cytology slides on her to determine her cell stages in respect to when it will be safe to spay her. She will be put on Sentinel and de-wormed shortly. Right now what comes to mind when I think of Mazda is ‘ball of fire’ with her. It is her fascinating and intelligent mind that makes me think this and not her energy level for that has been quite normal for a Dane. THERE is so much to learn about her and I can’t wait!