I took Samson to the vet today as I am most concerned about his foot. He now weighs 57.6KG(126.72 lbs) which is down 10.1 kgs(22.22 lbs) from last November and that is a ideal weight for his frame. We did an X-Ray of his foot just to be sure there is no tumour and his bones are fine. The vet advises to keep doing what we are doing and plugging away with our treatment. I also discussed Samson’s recent loss of bowel control sometimes when getting up. This started before he was on the antibiotics yet it is possible that they have exacerbated the problem. The vet also did a ‘neuro’ test on Samson and he was not even aware the one of his hind feet had been turned under and back. Samson has had a weaker hind end due to the plate and with his age yet time has now given him some loss of sensory in his his hind end and that also causes him to wobble a bit when he walks and especially tries to run. This is not abnormal in a dog of his age nor with the fact that he does have a plate in his leg. Samson had impeccable leash manners and is such a friendly, social boy. He drove into the Vet Hospital with his head resting on my 3 year old’s lap. He really liked the treat McDonald’s gave him after our visit! 🙂 Since his BM’s are loose right now, also a possible side effect of the antibiotics; we have him on Flagyll for the next 5 days at 4 pills a day. It is going to take a very special home for us to let Samson go to due to his age related issues along with his Thyroid. As long as Samson retains a high quality of life; we are going to continue to support, spoil and love him to pieces. I truly wish people could truly ‘see’ Samson for who he is.