ANOTHER blog post for BHRR's Lincoln for today as the other one was becoming WAY too long of a Gwennie Novel. cheeky

This way, I can add two more photos of him below from July 24th too! 😉

BHRR's Apollo is going to need some dog beds to call his own – preferably the rectangular ones from Costco or an XL Kuranda Bed. He needs lots of soft surfaces to lay upon and as such a big boy(emaciated yet still big); we have to ensure that he is not laying upon hard surfaces. If you want to be a BHRR Buddy to BHRR's Lincoln, I know that he would be very appreciative and grateful for the 'helping hands'. I have once again gone to the two Costco locations near me with no luck on finding any dog beds at those locales and will try to hit up the one in the Innes area when I can. I have been told that they seem to have plenty!

At the Take The Plunge Event; BHRR's Lincoln truly did not understand the concept of a nice comfy bed and it took some time and some persuading before he figured it all out! WTG! Then he used one for his body and one for his head! LOL

On Tuesday, we also gave him a Mirtazapine as an appetite stimulant to try and get him to show more interest in eating. He is eating about 4 cups of food total per day right now and he needs to be eating close to 12. Small, frequent meals.

I am currently in touch with Louise Peterson – and those in the Great Dane world well know who she is. 🙂 I am purchasing 4 pieces of her amazing talented work and she has offered to donate another piece or two plus pay for s&h so that we can raise some much needed funds.

Thank you to Mary for the collar and leash for BHRR's Lincoln!

BHRR's Lincoln  – July 24th, 2011 – Take The Plunge – His ears…..his poor sweet ears….