BHRR's Lincoln was picked up last Friday by BHRR BOD member M. Leung, temp fostered overnight and then they met Sean on their way in to assist myself at Take the Plunge last weekend. Below are two photos from Take the Plunge on July 24th as BHRR's Broker attended on the Sunday with us.

He learnt that being outdoors can be a good experience and that the hands that touch him can be helping and loving ones, not hurting ones. He was a BIG hit and did awesome! He was only slightly nervous of one person, a large man from another rescue who approached him very head on. The next time they met, all was fine and the man said 'looks like he is more comfortable' to which I replied 'it was how you approached him, he has been fine with everyone and every dog.' Goes to show that even those in Rescue do not always do the 'right' thing when it comes to some situations. No one is perfect!

He was on 1/2 tablet of Pred 50 mg SID for three days and then was suppose to go to Pred 50 Mg 1/2 tablet EOD for 5 days and so on yet in attempting to do that by the time it was evening on Tuesday; he was clearly shaking and scratching. The Vet that we saw recommended giving him a 5 mg Pred to get him through the night and we are back up to 1/2 tablet  SID for the next 20 days or so.

He is on 1500 mg of Cephalexin 500 mg BID and though his face, elbows, legs and eyes are still swollen, it is SOOOOOOOOO much better and as of Sunday, he could actually see again.

He was on Surolan for his ears yet the inside of them are looking really good at this time.

He is washed with an oatmeal based shampoo and THANK you to M. Leung for taking him to her groomer for a shampoo plus to have the tips of his nails trimmed. He was towel dried due to how thin he is and how thin his hair is, what little he has and all the bald raw areas on his body.

He did not like the Hypo Dry that was tried and barely touched the Hypo Wet
He DOES NOT like the Z/D wet or dry
He is now eating the D/D Salmon Wet & Dry and has tried the D/D and does not appear to mind that as well.

We are waiting for some tripe to come in and also possibly to start him on RAW.

He is resting better and is a lot more comfortable. He has been fully integrated with everyone and what a SWEET boy!

His weight at the Vet Hospital was an emaciated 63 KGs( 138.60 pounds) AND it is all relative as his bone structure is massive and he is about 36" at the whithers. He should be weighing 175 if not more with weight and muscle tone.

It is believed by my own Vet that he does have food allergies that were left untreated and he developed lesions, ear infections and as he was not treated for fleas; developed FAD and also due to being fed Ol Roy dog food; clearly was not getting enough to meet his nutritional needs. His body is so painful and hot to the touch. The weight and heaviness of his ears due to his condition is brutal. They are drying up those and the deep scabs are forming. He sometimes opens a few of the lesions up on his ears and body from scratching, rubbing or shaking….but, better and better!

This was not something that happened overnight and it breaks my heart to see the clear neglect of this boy.

In addition to the food allergies, my Vet believes he could also have some seasonal allergies yet one step at a time and one day at a time.

He is being fed 4-5 small meals a day and much prefers to eat at night when it is cooler. A/C or not in our home, it is hot out there!

The skin scrapings taken have indicated that there are not any demodectic mange and the bw that we did has come back showing results indicative of what he is going through with food allergies. His HWT was negative and he is on Revolution at this time and will receive another dose next week – 2 weeks after the first dose and from there we shall go monthly to Sentinel, our preferred method for heartworm preventative and that it protects against hook worms of which Revolution does not.

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Everyone at worked LOVED him on Tuesday and he hung out up at reception! I have some photos I will post soon. I even brought his own drool towel for he makes BHRR's Lily Belle look dainty when he drinks! LOL

BHRR's Lincoln – July 24th, 2011 – Take The Plunge Event – see his poor ears….
*Photos courtesy of C. Desjardins