UPDATE just sent on BHRR's Lincoln from his temp/overnight Foster Home:

"He was an excellent traveller and spent most of the tirip sleeping or looking out the windows. There was nary a peep out of him except for a bit of anxious squeaking at the beginning, but he settled down well as I continued to reassure him that he was good boy and that he was safe. I told him my Lincoln was squeaking and needed to be oiled.

He has been to my boys' groomer, X, who made a special trip back to the store with her husband to bathe him, work out the mats on his poor ears, clean them and do his nails. X said they gave Lincoln a second bath as the rinse water ran off him like a river of mud. They did not blow dry him because of his skin condition, but vigorously towel dried him instead. It took four towels :-). His white parts are now snowy. On our way out eight people commented on what a nice boy he was and asked about his background story.

He has been fully integrated with X and Y. Of course, I had to tell X that Lincoln was a "puppy".

Lincoln has been given his meds and is eating some dinner at this moment. He has drunk a bowl and a half of water, peed three times and had a small bowel movement.

Gwen – I will email you separately about tomorrow."