BHRR's Lincoln – Almost 3 years of age, Saint Bernard, Male, neutered, family surrendered to the SPCA that they had adopted him from about 1-1.5 years ago previously. Terrible ear infections, hair loss and painful lesions on body. O. was actually an animal welfare employee at one time themselves. This continues to prove my position that it MATTERS not one bit what ones career, race, colour, age, sex is etc.; animal cruelty/neglect crosses all over! 🙁

Family was being evicted and going 'camping' was reason for surrender. Family had been advised back in May of 2011 to do a food trial to determine if Lincoln had food allergies yet continued to feed him Ol' Roy.

After seeing two Vets plus a skin specialist; BHRR's Lincoln is now on Prednisone, an allergy food , antibiotics – Cephalexin, given Revolution. In addition to his chronic ear infections, he has demodectic mange as his auto-immune system had been so weakened.

BHRR was contacted to see if we could step up to assist as no other place had to date. After a stressful almost 24 hours, we have had an approved home step up to temp foster – They are going to temp foster BHRR's Benjamin for BHRR. This enable us to commit to assisting BHRR's Lincoln.

He will be picked up from the SPCA later today, temp fostered overnight and met by Sean on Saturday for him to bring back to BHRR. I have an appointment set up with one of my Vets on Tuesday to evaluate him again – do a HWT if needed etc.

The SPCA Branch Manager sent us the following on BHRR's Lincoln:

"Lincoln is a wonderfully nice dog. Gets a long with kids of all ages and other dogs. "


BHRR's Lincoln – left ear & swollen face – July 2011