The Vet grabbed me quickly before he left the Hospital today to tell me the findings from the University of Guelph. He is going to be doing some reading etc. for when we can talk more for I have some very difficult questions to ask in regards to prognosis/treatment and mostly quality of life for Liquorice. The University of Guelph has confirmed Megaesophagus and this can be caused by Cancer and that she also has Wobblers. Someone could have just blown me over when hearing all of this. Pred will help with the Wobblers and If there happens to be an auto-immune connection to the Megaesophagus; then it can also help with that. So, at this time, it looks like we will be running an AI test and a complete thyroid panel. If it turns out that there is no auto-immune connection and it is all Cancer causing the Megaesophagus condition; then the Pred. will not be of any assistance/benefit to her in the short-term before the Megaesophagus condition worsens. She has massive inflammation in her spine that just has to be causing her distress. I am almost numb with how many medical conditions that this sweet girl has been slammed with. These things should not be happening to her LET alone to any dog but especially not to her and what she has gone through in her life. I have also been waiting for the results of her fecal for we now have two of our other dogs showing signs of possible Giardia to determine if this is what Liquorice had when she came into our program. She is still being treated with Panacur and I have both of these other two dogs(Boba & Maggi) on Flagyl and they too, will be on Panacur once the special order comes in. We will continue to monitor the other dogs that she has been exposed to in order to determine if they, too, will require treatment. The two new pink beanbag chairs that were bought with Simone’s amazing donation have been a true comfort to Liquorice. Whatever joy I can give this girl and forever long I can; it shall be done. Another $150.00+ will be added to her bill with the latest testing of Thyroid and AI along with a new fecal to confirm that our treatment has been successful. Liquorice regularly will come into my bedroom now without any fear and will even ‘hang’ out with me for a period of time yet if anything spooks or rattles her(like a noise from the TV) she will hurry back to the bed in the main area and lie there in a tight little ball. She is showing more curiosity with reassurance to new things and does not think the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer is going to harm her any longer. While not 100% comfortable around them, she will no longer scurry away. So, her confidence is building!