Frost ‘T’ made his 11 month miracle survival mark yesterday but it is a bit of a bittersweet moment for he is really ill once again. Once our weather began dipping past -6C and downward; Frost ‘T’ has been struggling to breathe. He is back wearing his very special coat that we asked Heidi to make for him yet the weather has taken it’s toll. He has pneumonia again and is on antibiotics plus we are pumping the Lasix into him every 4-6 hours. His chronic diarrhoea is also worse. He once again cannot lie down to rest and for the past two days, I have sat leaning against our leather couches holding him up so that he can put his head on my shoulder to get some sleep. IF he does not keep up his strength, he will not have the reserves to fight this latest battle. He has also found it very hard to eat and now that he feels worse; has little interest in food and has dropped almost 10 pounds. I continue to entice him and if I feel that he is not drinking sufficiently, we will go back to subquing him. I know that Thor has been hard on him too. Thor has no idea when ‘enough’ is enough and we continue to work on Thor. Thor is a rough playing boy with lots of endurance and while he is learning manners plus direction, I can see that he has taxed Frost ‘T’. We had made the decision that Frost ‘T’s life was about quality and not quantity yet it is also hard seeing that Frost ‘T’ cannot really keep up etc. so I haf taken to making sure that Thor and Frost ‘T’ only have X amount of outdoor play time together. However; the part that really has me concerned is how Frost ‘T’ looks at me and when he can lie down for a few minutes how he just stares up at me. I really do not wish to think about what he could possibly be telling me. He always had the heart inside of him in the past when he was ill to continue to wag his tail and that is gone and that very special light in his eyes is not the same. I am going to really open up my heart and try to ‘listen’ to what Frost ‘T’ is telling me and not to be selfish for my sake. I am hoping that Frost ‘T’ bounces back once more for now that we are so close to XMAS, all I want for the holiday season is for him to be with all of his family. I know I cannot ask and have not right to ask for anything more considering he was suppose to have died by December 25th, 2005; BUT I am going to fight for and with him should he have the desire to do so. I know that if Frost ‘T’ is truly ready to leave and be with his sister WinterGirl; then nothing I can possibly say or do is going to be able to keep him here…………. Please keep him in your thoughts!