Miss Pentu was at the Vet on February 27th.
She weighed 29.5 kgs(64.9 pounds).
She is an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain dog/Standard Poodle mix.
Her skin was given a beautiful thumbs up, and the recommendation was to have her now placed on some Omega’s. The severe skin infections are resolving; yay!!
She had a big thumbs up on her heart and lungs and an overall exam.
We did bloodwork to see what her prior exposure to heartworm and tickborne disease was, and the tests were negative, so great news!
She went home with additional dewormer yet for some reason her Lyme/Lepto vaccines were not done nor was she given a dose of preventative for fleas/ticks.
Sooooo, she came back to the vet hospital the next evening when I was working, and I administered the vaccines plus dispensed a dose for flea/tick prevention.
It was amazing to see her again, plus her amazing foster mama!
AND here is a picture sent from her foster mama after her February 27th Vet visit. 
She looks like she is smiling!
That is BHRR’s Simon in the back. ADOPTED June 13th, 2022. I have been told these two have a grand time together & Miss Pentu is playful and loves toys.
Miss Pentu is booked for her professional groom on March 14th, and her next vet visit is on March 21st for boosters, a re-weigh, plus a recheck of her skin. We will obtain her next dose for fleas/ticks and another de-wormer dose then too.
If all goes well, she will be ready for her professional photo shoot by the beginning of April, then make her special announcement not long after that!
So much was done for her while we had her in emergency temp foster care in SWO, and we remain immensely grateful to the shelter for asking us to assist her!