One more photo for today! 
This is BHRR’s Lilly(deaf/visually impaired Great Dane). A gorgeous Dane that is also in our Haven program.
She first arrived in rescue on August 1st, 2019.
Her previous owner invested much money into a ‘trainer’ who believed in shock plus prong collars. Her neck was raw, and all the punitive training methods made her behaviours worse.
The level of anxiety, stress, confusion, and fear this sweet Dane had was so heartbreaking. She was quite thin upon arrival, yet she was a growing Dane and was under a lot of strain. She was not housebroken upon arrival either, yet it did not take too long!
We successfully rehabbed her with positive, balanced training methods, and she was placed up for adoption on May 28th, 2020. We wanted a transitional adoption for her to ensure a successful outcome.
Unfortunately, there was so little interest in her & no right-matched forever-loving adoption applications came her way. Therefore, after two years of being up for adoption, she was moved to our Haven program, where she lives a grand life! 
When we commit to the next in need of us, it does not matter if they are adoptable, adopted, or not. We commit to them for the rest of their lives.
She is precious to us and a huge fav of so many BHRR supporters!
This is her relaxing in front of one of our fireplaces. All toasty and comfy.