Miss Brooklyn is wearing her Earth-rated bandana!
Thanks to her foster home for sending a picture!
They will send more with the poop bag/dispenser, too so we can share with Earth Rated.
Miss Brooklyn is working on appropriate displays of behaviour including not being a bossy bully, barking, and sharing the humans.
She is an 18-month-old giant-sized brat and I was glad I had the chance to see her again this week for boot camp it is. There is no excuse for poor manners….she will learn. She will have structure, consistency, rules, routine, obedience, patience, and time.
She even does some inappropriate urination to express her feelings when humans do not jump and jump fast to her every wish. Yes, per a previous post, we also did a thorough exam and urinalysis. This is not medical.
She needs to learn that she is the dog that the humans will take care of, that she does not get all she wants when she wants, and to self-comfort, self-love, self-amuse plus to enjoy her own company.
The force is strong in this one!