This is Miss Brooklyn.
She is our newest intake and was at the Vet yesterday.
You can see from this picture – and it is no lie – she is painfully thin, borderline emaciated.
She weighed barely over 90 pounds and should weigh closer to 110 – 115 pounds.
She also is so scared plus anxious. Lots of inappropriate displays of barking too.
She was given trazodone the night before her apt. and the morning of.
She was such a good and brave girl when I took her blood to run pre-op bloodwork along with heartworm and tickborne disease testing. Her bloodwork is normal, and she was negative for heartworm and tick-borne diseases.
Her foster mentioned her happy tail was bleeding, which is not infected, and she needs to keep it quiet. We have taught many a dog the ‘quiet tail’ command. If need be, and we have only ever done this once due to such a severe tail injury, amputated a small portion.
She is not eating anywhere near the minimum of 8 cups of food she should and is not drinking the amount she should. We have her on some wet canned food mixed with a new kibble plus water.
We learned that she has a supposed chicken allergy, and while we had been told she had a heart murmur, it is actually a Grade III. We cannot put her under sedation/anesthesia without knowing more.
The foster mentioned two nights out of three for accidents in her crate, so I advised to bring in a urine sample. Only after it was run and I was on break from surgery – did I see the text – I am at work! – that last night (night 4), there were no accidents. That would have indicated that this is not an infection, yet most likely behavioural yet, we are diligent! So a full urinalysis was done. 
The urine did not indicate any infection, yet it did confirm her dehydration.
We have her on flea/tick and also de-worming meds, too, plus she received her Lepto plus Lyme vaccines. She will go back for boosters in a month, and we will get a re-weigh at that time.