Today, I had my 433rd foster adopted. Miss Ayla!
AND it was an emotional one. Hard not to be.
I was ‘ok’ until I was told that I would probably find Miss Maybelle the hardest to adopt out, and I found myself choking up a bit for yes, any of the beans are going to be extremely hard, yet it was Miss Ayla for me that I always knew would be an edge more harder….
I never told anyone that before today….
All of the beans had their battles uphill to overcome, and I have been Mama Gwennie protective of them all – at times more protective of one or more over others depending on what they were going through in their rehabilitation journey at that moment.
Miss Ayla had the hardest of all of them getting over aspiration pneumonia. She had so many punctures even half of her nose was severely damaged, with a big part even missing. My vet team and I were so pleasantly surprised to see how unbelievably amazing her body healed with minimal scarring.
All of them have so many small scars still on their bellies.
How Miss Ayla, even today – Miss Nola does the same thing – would trustingly want to lay backward cradled in my arms, looking at me with her gorgeous eyes, made my heart melt.
This home was interested in Miss Maybelle, and in going through their application, I felt Miss Ayla was the better fit. I offered to bring both to their home visit should the application process reach that stage. I wanted the home to see and understand and also possibly reach the same conclusion as to why I felt Miss Ayla would be the better right-matched personality fit pup.
Could they have made it work with Miss Maybelle, sure, yet it would not be in her or their ultimate best interest. Set up for success for the home and our dogs is a priority.
They wholeheartedly agreed Miss Ayla ‘is the one.’
A mother’s love is unconditional plus deep, and it is that Mama Gwennie love I have for all of them that enables me to let them go. Being selfless can be hard for Miss Ayla fits in so well in my own home and heart, yet, she does not need me – she thinks she does.
I know I have done all I can in raising a beautiful, confident, curious, social, healthy, happy, incredible with manners girl so that she can now spread her wings and not just fly yet soar into this awesome world we live in.
Is it easy to let go?! Nope, yet my love is so big and strong, and this is why I do what I do….she is going to be ok, I am going to be ok, and in fact, she is going to thrive!!
What a wonderful family she will be able to call home, and BHRR has added another lovely family to our own BHRR fam. 
Miss Maybelle, your own right-matched personality fit home is out there….you need a much more experienced home Miss Diva Princess Bean! 
Thank you again Cassy Montgomery, for helping out at this home visit! You were with me the night I picked them up and rushed them off to emergency in Kingston, and befitting that you were there today, as the first Bean was adopted!