What a beautiful day!
Alison Goodfellow, thank you and to your lovely family for hosting us today and for being the best puppy minders! 
Thank you to Cassy Montgomery & John for the powdered Esbilac, and the Pinesol, and the additional gorgeous hand towels to sell!
Thank you to Aaron Maracle & Cherie Barnes Maracle for the puppy donations – pee pads & powdered Esbilac!
Thank you to all of the amazing souls that came to visit with their gorgeous animals & supporting our efforts.
AND we had a super nice couple come out with their handsome boy Mosley to talk to us about Miss Agatha.
This is the beautiful Alison taking her role as a wee bean puppy minder very seriously.  You were truly a most gracious hostess. She also ensured the puppies stayed safe from grabbing hands and sniffing noses! 
The grand total raised today was $399 & $5.95 CDA Tire $
Thank you to everyone who came out, to those who shared our event, and to everyone for standing strong by our sides and believing in our rescue efforts. We are deeply humbled.
We are now heading home to feed the wee bean puppies again!