Guess who had her annual today?!
Miss Jamila! 
Thumbs up on heart, lungs, etc., and her annual bloodwork for tickborne diseases plus heartworm is negative. We will see what the rest of her blood work says when it comes back from the lab.
I want to specifically be sure that her thyroid is normal. She has been a bit more sluggish – it could be the weather – and has put on some weight. We have modified her eating plus treat portions, yet I want to be sure everything is fine.
She remains on monthly flea/tick and hw preventative, which also has a strong de-wormer proponent to it.
She received her vaccines and lots of love, and this is her when Sean arrived to work, and she smelt me as I opened the truck door! She immediately popped up her head and began to move towards me. 
She has excelled at her scent plus touch training!
She is simply the best!!!