Miss Jamila’s results are in! 

Her thyroid is also normal. Yes! So, it is the weather making her sluggish, and we shall have to further manage her food intake. She is not a big lover of treats yet, some tweaking will happen across the board.

It is important to be aware and on top of sudden or significant unplanned weight gain, or loss, changes in behaviour, and to monitor food/treat intake so that if medical intervention is needed, it is done or if it is only a matter of making some lifestyle tweaking.

We will work on getting her to move a bit more and shall lengthen her very early am and evening walks/play times – as those parts of the day are the coolest in this hot summer weather. She loves playing with the young pups Miss Agatha, Miss Chrissy, Mr. Romeo, and my 7-month-old Dane. 

I plan on using the scent work training I have been doing with her to have her track and move to eat her breakfast plus dinner meals over eating in a bowl.

She was just under 115 pounds(51.9 kgs) per the scale, yet she must have been leaning as when we did her spay, bilateral eye enucleation, plus lump removals – she weighed a still needed to gain 117 pounds.

Regardless of what the scale reads, there is no hiding the fact that she is a wee bit plump right now. Much better than her anorexic skinny body condition when she first arrived in rescue, yet she needs to lose a few pounds.

We want her to live her best life possible, and being a giant, the wear plus tear on her joints, heart, plus lungs are already harder.

We got this, Miss Jamila! With my foot almost 100%, time for us both to get moving more!