Mr. Titan UPDATE
Here are his UA results. He was already on IV fluids and had begun antibiotics when this UA was done.
He is on two kinds of antibiotics – Zeniquin & Clavaseptin. He is also on Cerenia, Forti Flora, Metronidazole, Mirtazapine.
He has an SPO2 of 90% without supplemental 02. 92-93% with O2 assistance. Ideally, we want at least 95% unaided.
He is so skinny; his coat is dull and flaky, and he remains pretty dehydrated.
He has eaten some a/d for Gwen, urinated several times, and drank some water. Gwen says that he is an absolute sweetheart!
Donations to his vet bills can be made via PayPal(friend and family option) to
OR via email transfer to – we know email transfer is down for many. 
We are grateful for anything that anyone may consider donating…..