Mr. Titan Medical UPDATE:
He had a good night. His Oxygen levels are lower than they would like – 92-93% , and last night, he was 95%. He remains on O2.
He has eaten a small amount, his respiration rate has gone down, his fever has broken, and the Vet would like to keep him another night so that he remains on supplemental oxygen, and they work to get him from IV meds to oral medications.
Unfortunately, this means another $3,500-$5,000, and we are still short $3,200 for the first 24 hours.
Gwen has been in discussions regarding transferring him as he is stable and plans to see him around 6 PM tonight.
When Gwen was talking to the Vet, he had to go, so we do not have an update re: the urinary issues.
If anyone may consider donating to his care, donations can be made via Paypal to OR via email transfer to
Alta Vista no longer takes direct donations.
Anything would be appreciated.