BHRR’s Miss Gretta!
She turned 11 years young in November 2011.
The last of the FREEDOM Danes from the Paws R Us Seizure.
We have rescued many Danes from this line over the past 20+ years – even her maternal grandfather, great relatives, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, mother, etc.
Cameras make her nervous, fans, plus doorways, hoses, sometimes too. Rarely these days……but, those nightmare memories/experiences are still a part of her dark past.
We first rescued her with her mother along with one sister back in September 2011. We also brought in two unrelated Danes from that same seizure – over 600 dogs, Gwennie worked with for over 3 months with hundreds of other dedicated folks.
We also assisted a momma Airdale with her five puppies along with a Chinese Crested – that Kinsley stole from us and is now ‘her’ boy! 
Miss Gretta is battling thyroid issues and some Degenerative Myelopathy, yet is going strong. So much love and support surround her too! 
Thank you again to Kendel JF, Dawkin, plus Tyler for being her special Secret Santa in 2021!