BHRR’s Miss Lilly!
Deaf/Visually impaired Great Dane.
She will turn 4 years young in January, and remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!
She is super sweet with a side of sassy! She is a higher energy Great Dane and has been a true hoot to have with us!
She has learned to share, have manners, and can be a real lady when she wants to, and a true tomboy when she wants to also!
Adore her! She lives life to the fullest each and every day! No half measures for this big-hearted Dane.
Thank you to Melody & Barrhaven & Area Empties for being her special SS in 2021!
With their incredibly generous/kind donation, we were able to purchase a new XL Costco Dog bed for her, an amazing huge bag of treats, plus some toys for Miss Lilly. 
Heading into 2022, she will require a new Wiggle Bumz collar, and we will be posting over the next week, our annual Collar Angel Event!
Isn’t she stunning?!