As we enter a very rainy XMAS Eve and are under a severe weather warning, The Boerskins wanted to send out a truly heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the special Secret Santa’s that stepped up to give the BHRR doggies a truly lovely XMAS! THANK YOU! 
While we had two people that defaulted on their promise to help spoil the BHRR doggies, we had amazing Santa Elves that stepped up to assist The Boerskins in ensuring that each BHRR doggie would have a really wonderful Holiday!
It came down to the wire and I picked up the last three lovely SS’s today afer work and spent several hours getting the gorgeous SS pressie(s) to their respective foster homes in time for Christmas Eve!
While we will not be doing our usual traditional Christmas Eve Photo shoot, we did want to share a picture of the miraculous 3 Blind/Deaf Mice of BHRR’s Sleet with Mason taken just now.
She was the one that we thought we would lose first and she is still going strong and turned 2 in October.
As most are aware her brother BHRR’s Glacier was lost to us earlier this year due to IS complications and her equally beloved brother, our Summit, lost recently due to his heart.
DM Danes are not rare as so many backyard breeders plus puppymillers state and while they are incredibly special – not just due to their beautiful selves; they are riddled with so many health plus behavioural issues almost 100% of the time.
We are now responsible for the 3 Musketeers and who knows what the future may hold for at least two of them due to how DM they are. Yet, we not only understand the behavioural and/or medical conditions that they come with; we accept them and we adore them for who they are and we remain beyond humbled and blessed to have a village surround them with such kindness. 
We will ensure that they live their best lives!
This is why BHRR has existed for just shy of 25 years and why we are needed……
From our home to all of our friends, families plus supporters, the merriest and safest, happiest, warmest and best of Christmas Eve wishes are being sent to all of you!