BHRR’s Royal Blu!
November 17th, 2020
BHRR Haven Dog

Someone does not like early AM’s! My sight at 5:00 AM as that is the time to get up and at ‘er! 

One dog bed to lay on and one dog bed for a pillow! 

Mr. Royal Blu had his bilateral entropion / cherry eye surgeries earlier this summer and with COVID-19; we are still in a hold pattern re: those two front legs.

After 8 months, we finally have a surgery date for Mr. Coupe and so we remain patient as does Mr. Blu as to what the ortho specialist may feel is in his best interest as he had ortho surgery already prior to being a rescue transfer from another wonderful group. Thank you again to them for all that they did for him!!!!

Mr. Royal Blu is also now completely blind in his right eye and does not see the best in his left eye. Does not hold him back…..

He has lost weight, muscled and toned up and is such a wonderful handsome boy!

He is also quite the vocal boy!!! He loves food and treat time the best. LOL