BHRR’s Nala
~15 month old Bulldog/BoxerX
Severely visually impaired and is also hearing impaired. We will investigate further her hearing impairment as she was listening ok when spoken to in a distinct clear much louder tone.
She is the dog that was picked up as a stray and ended up being a rescue transfer to BHRR from another group.
Today she was seen by the Vet.
She was 61.6 pounds(28 kgs).
She was given her Lepto and Lyme vaccines – boosters will be in 4 weeks – as she had already been given her Bord, Rabies and DHPP prior to coming into our Rescue.
We did some bloodwork to test for prior heartworm and tickborne disease exposure and the results are negative!
She will be de-wormed and she will be placed on flea/tick/HW meds.
She was SUPER friendly with everyone, curious about the dogs that she saw and demonstrated her bull in a china shop lack of manners!
The Vet examined her and his expert positioning on that back right leg that prior Vet Records sent our way before she arrived into Rescue had indicated that her back right leg was slightly abrnormal – is that this is a genetic conformity issue and she is perfectly fine. She was not painful on it, does not limp and it is just turned out slightly – a bit eastie westie as we say!
Once again, it was super lovely to visit with / see some of my former and truly fav work colleagues and thank you for embracing me, literally! 
Miss Nala will be back for her boosters in about 4 weeks time and from there, if all goes well; she should be ready to make her own special announcement!
Thank you also to Leanne/Cameron for meeting up with me to drop off some auction items for our 12th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction that will start next weekend!
Thank you also to Cassy/BHRR’s Devin for also meeting me at the Vet and for dropping off some auction items too!
AND last but not least, thank you to Jaqueline for emerge temp fostering Miss Nala for the past week.