BHRR’s Symba!

Someone is not caring that it is Halloween and is not even fazed by all of the sounds from the Horror Movie playing!
AND yes, the Jumbo stuffie is still his fav thing ever!

AND, on his plus BHRR’s Coupe’s behalf, we want to thank ALL of their fans, supporters plus believers for the material and financial donations made to date as we prepare for their upcoming Ortho surgeries with Dr. Philibert.

We are still short $3,000 for BHRR’s Symba’s own surgery and as many have noted we are attempting to do some flash auctions.

AND we are STILL in need of the following – listed below – in preparation for their surgeries if anyone may consider their worthy causes to support.

BHRR’s Coupe(Newfx) is scheduled – FINALLY- thanks COVID-19! – for his bone debridement and bilateral elbow arthroscopic surgery December 1st. He is also the sweet boy that we shockingly discovered no less than 2 x 9 mm bullets in him – one being in his chest – when we did x-rays plus he had to have an emergency enterotomy surgery. In addition, we have been treating him for heartworm.

BHRR’s Symba(Bull Mastiff) – pictured here – is scheduled for his TPLO surgery on November 18th.

We urgently need the below items to assist with their post-op recoveries.

1) Pinesol or Lysol
2) XL Costco Dog Beds
3) Towels
4) Paper Towels – not the scratchy/rough brown kind
5) Sleeping bags/Comforters/Duvets
6. Fabric Softener
7) Dryer Sheets
8) Donations for ongoing flash online auctions to help raise the many thousands upon thousands needed for these surgeries.
9) We need to put down 50% upon surgery drop-off and any consideration for financial donations can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-596-0966 – they both have accounts there
via PayPal to
via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password
10) Flannel Sheets – Double or Queen

Thanks as always from our hearts for any consideration to their very worthy causes – both dogs are magnificent!

As many know we have our monitored donation shed on our lane-way at the road by our mailbox and any kind items can be dropped off in it!

If you are not able to drop off at Oxford Station, please do email us to make alternative arrangements.