BHRR’s Devin, the Bouvier!


He is ready to make his own special announcement!
For anyone interested in BHRR’s Devin; please read his extremely thorough blog that documents his journey while in rescue plus the type of home that we are seeking to approve for him as his forever loving adoptive one.

All of our policies, processes and procedures including an application to be completed and filled out are also found on our home website.

BHRR shall consider adoption applications ONLY from our location up to and including the area’s of Barrie & Cambridge in Ontario and up to Gatineau in the province of Quebec.

Note: as is listed on our Petfinder and home website plus in the application contract; We will not be responding to email/phone inquiries. We will ONLY review completed applications that are submitted along with the non-refundable application fee. WHICH is no way guarantees that your home shall be approved to adopt.
BHRR will NOT make exceptions to our clearly posted criteria.

BHRR’s Devin can go to a home that works part-time, full-time, works from home, semi-retired or is retired. He is another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

Health Status: HEALTHY! Per his Vet team, he will require a dental cleaning in the future – nothing that was deemed emergent/urgent for us to take care of during his time at BHRR.

Children: No homes with children under the age of 12 will be considered. He sometimes can be a bit mouthy and get excitable.
Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, sweet, social, playful, quietly active – gentle, calm. Excellent leash manners. Great companion!
Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is ideal yet not required if that right matched home is set up for success.
Good with Dogs: Yes, and while we would like to see him in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog; it is not a deal breaker. Having a strong social doggie network is most important and required. He does not like when dogs rush up to his face – have to love all of those irresponsible owners and their flexi-leads. For the most part, he is indifferent to other dogs. He does have a bff that is 11 months of age and they can play rough together – when they first meet-up.
Good With Cats: He currently resides in a foster home with a cat; yet, we would prefer a home without any cats or dogs the size of cats.
Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown yet, would not recommend. He is very interested in chasing squirrels and can easily clear a 4-4.5 foot fence, so no homes with low fencing will be considered for him.
Grooming: He is a dream to wash, do nails, ears etc. and regular professional grooming is mandatory. Do not apply if you are not going to do this. We have worked to get him looking his best under the care of an incredible professional groomer.
Car: He is great in the car! Gets in readily and settles down beautifully!
Housebroken/Crate Trained: He is housebroken and crate trained.
Obedience: His manners are truly quite lovely.
Activities Suited For Him: He has the perfect temperament to do therapy work and his amazing self deserves to be shared with the world.
Loves & Bad Habits: He loves his humans and to be around them. He is not an in your face kind of dog. He is the perfect strolling and walking partner and then the at home movie, tv show companion. His foster mom says he has a shoe fetish!
He is a super low maintenance dog – other than his grooming needs!
He loves to NOT sleep on soft bedding!!! Not good for his elbows or joints being a larger breed dog.
He will play fetch!
Is he the perfect dog? No…no dog is yet he is as close to bomb proof as any dog can be. He is fantastic plus!
It is going to be important to ensure that he does not get fat. We have worked hard to get him to lose weight and to build up much needed muscle mass/toning.
Anxieties/Worries: He really does not have any.
Thank you immensely ONCE more to Rick Millette Millsphoto on Facebook; for the absolutely stunning pics!
Thank you’s also to Cassy/John for being his fabu temp foster home!