Thank you to Elaine for hosting and to all of the really amazing dogs/owners that came out in support of our latest Drive-way Event!

This is BHRR’s Devaney, our newest Rescue! She loves the water at her fosters cottage! She was at work yesterday and weighed a chubby 15.8 kg(34.76 pounds).

She just turned 5 months old and we are working on that waistline of hers.

She is the deaf, visually impaired, IS, neuro plus has a history of having had a vaccine reaction puppy. The home was not treating her for her IS nor pursuing further diagnostics.

Since her emerge temp foster Mama, Lindsay picked her up last Tuesday, she has not had one seizure.

Her foster mama has been working on signs with her and she is one smart puppy!

She was de-wormed, put on flea/tick plus hw preventative and we are waiting to see if her seizures were related to stress and have a move forward plan should she have any now that she is in our Rescue.

She is your typical busy, active, curious, bouncy puppy that has not received proper physical and emotional stimulation or training – she was being trained with a prong collar and also a shock collar that caused serious burns to her neck.

It is also suspected that she spent way too much time in a crate and all of that has changed now.

Her future is big and bright AND once she settles in more, she will be spayed over the next 4-6 weeks, microchipped, we will do blood work and keep working on her training and showing her how amazing and kind this big world is!

All of this to say that thanks to the support shown at our events like tonight, we can continue to keep fighting that great fight to remain open to help dogs like her!

Total raised tonight: $497.85

Humbled and filled with such incredible warmth!

We are at our next Drive-way Event for nails & ear cleaning on Wednesday July 15th @ 37 Dressler Drive in Kanata!

*No appointments necessary
*Social distancing is easy to do
*We can take cash, debit or credit card