BHRR’s Walter!

He is ready to make his special announcement!

He has made an amazing recovery from when he first arrived to us in March!

He will need a home that will ensure that he remains on his meds required for his environmental/seasonal allergies, for his thyroid AND on his special fish based diet for his food allergies. Cost per month: ~$350

He is housebroken – being on the prednisone does make him drink and wish to eat more so he does ask to go outside a bit more than other dogs, no big deal, he is crate trained, he is wonderful in the car, ok to bathe and do nails and is a big goofy, affectionate boy!

He has this streak in him that when he does not want to do something, he will lay down as he clearly was used to ‘throwing’ his weight around in the past and this is so rare these days. He has come to trust and understand that what is asked of him is in his best interest and if speaking to him in English does not get his attention; he is fluently bilingual and speaking to him French works great!

We do not wish to see him in a home with children under the age of 15. He has been completely fine with people of all ages, sizes, both men and women – yet, was a bit more nervous of men in the beginning.

We want to ensure that any right matched personality fit home is not full of fast, flighty, spastic, unpredictable, loud activity – which kids are naturally!

We would love to see him in a home with a right matched personality fit dog; yet, that is not mandatory. He would be fine as an only dog yet, having worked so hard to demonstrate that other dogs are not out there to hurt him – per his previous O. he has not had outside contact with dogs other than the other dogs they owned; since he was 18 months of age – we want him to have friends! Therefore, a good solid doggie social network of a few close doggie friends n the community would be lovely for him to have!

He loves the companionship of a right matched personality fit dog. He still worries – his reaction is to move away – about strange dogs and we are extremely proud of how brave he has been!

He has been fine with cats and even rabbits!

He can go to a home that works out of the home or in the home, ft, pt, is semi-retired or retired. Another versatile BHRR dog!

His leash manners have improved significantly. He can sometimes still be a bit of a freight train yet, WOW has he gotten a million times better.

We have worked hard to build up that muscle mass and tone in his hind end so going for strolls and small walks for proper mental and physical stimulation is perfect yet, he is not a go for a 8 km walk/hike boy. He is a low energy/activity Dane compared to so many that we have assisted over the past almost 25 years in our Great Dane rescue.

He is a great companion! The best in reading a book, watching a movie or sitting on the porch watching the deer drink from the spring fed pond.

He is the ‘strong silent type’, just quiet and a big handsome blue Great Dane with a heart that is pure, honest and loving!

He has been so low maintenance for us and is going to make that right matched forever loving home the most amazing of family members.

He has a mischievous side and he makes me giggle when I know that he does not want to do what is being asked of him and you can see the brain just working overtime!

I love him so much in all of his true gentle giant representation of the Great Dane breed.

I am bursting with happiness over your awesome rehabilitation with us and I have sadness in my heart for our time together is drawing ever nearer to a close in this chapter that we have had together.

All of our adoption processes, policies and procedures are found on our home website for anyone that may feel that they may qualify to adopt him.

Between all of that information and his detailed blog; no questions that any home may have be left unanswered.

YOU DID IT BHRR’s Walter and thank you again to Josée of Josée Lavoie Pet Photography for these stunning photo’s. Thank you again to Elaine, Bob and Hazel for their extra hands during his professional photo shoot on July 3rd!