*VIDEO sent our way by his previous Owner the morning we were asked to assist this Great Dane*
UPDATE: BHRR’s Walter has tested negative for heartworm, tick borne diseases, sarcoptic and demodectic mange.
We are waiting to discuss in detail – I have been sent them today – his biopsy results – three biopsies taken and his thyroid panel with his Vet. I have questions that only the expertise of his Vet will be able to confirm/validate and answer for me. So, will not post more on those results until that conversation occurs.
He has been placed on antibiotics, thyro meds, pred, been de-wormed and is now on a fish based food only.
Per his previous vet records, last summer he was diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism. He had been having seizures and vestibular ataxia.
He has clear auto immune and extreme skin issues, quite common with blue Great Danes, being a recessive gened bred colour.
He had not been on any meds for a couple of weeks per his previous Owner/past records and had remained on a chicken/poultry based food. Per his past records, he had not remained on allergy meds consistently allowing flare-ups to occur and then became worse.
The bleeding on his body has slowed down, the swelling is coming down, some of his lesions and wounds are drying up – he has toes plus feet now – and he is eating well. His hydration level is slowly coming up too.
His eyes remain runny and red – yet, they now can open! – and will need to have his own bilateral entropion surgery – once again so common in this euro blood line Danes.
The trauma caused to his body is apparent and will take a long time to rehabilitate and we are taking it one step at a time.
I briefly saw him myself yesterday and his temperament is loving and such a hoot! When he does not want to do something, he just lays right down! Already he is feeling a bit better, putting on some weight on that skinny body and his personality is slowly poking through!
He remains very weak, especially in his hind end and is a very sick boy yet, he is surrounded by a village that is strong and determined!
***$1,025 DONATED TO DATE*** 
Once again, before anyone posts in judgement and negativity, do note that the owner DID reach out for help and we are assisting. So, please be mindful of any words posted. It is not a great situation, we all agree, yet, realise that any words you post could prevent another Owner from reaching out and doing the right thing, and that would mean an animal would be euthanised over being assisted.
We will continue to operate on a zero tolerance policy re: the above.
We just had to find a way to step up to save him. Yes, we are financially overwhelmed with the ever mounting Vet Bills for BHRR’s Coupe and BHRR’s Royal Blu; yet, we just had to rescue this special needs Dane in urgent need of us too.
We know this is difficult times for all and have no right to beg for donations, yet, I have no ego or pride and shall continue to do what I need to to make miracles happen for those in need of our highly specialised programs. So, I do beg and grovel and keep hope alive in my heart….
It is not going to be easy yet, I am going to focus on the possible, not the impossible….. 
If anyone may consider his own worthy cause, he has a file already set up at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381 under ‘Walter’ for our Rescue
you can donate via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org
OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com