UPDATE: *Walter* is now at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. This is one picture sent my way of part of his face.

Bloodwork is being run and biopsies have been taken and he is being examined.

Will update more as I can….

***$925 DONATED TO DATE*** 

BHRR has been quickly mobilising behind the scenes to rescue this Great Dane.

We received an email in the wee hours of the AM that he needed help or the Owner said the Vet would ‘kill him today’.

As soon as I saw the email a couple of hours later, I jumped on it, begged for some time and then the incredible links on our BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ were put into action.

One of our fabu approved Volunteers now has him – thank you for dropping everything to help! – and is on his way direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, who have been alerted and are standby to receive him. Drive safe Bob!

I am not going to post more at this time re: his current medical state other than to say, we could not let him be put to sleep and are going to do all necessary diagnostics plus treatments for him. Yes, he has lesions, wounds and swelling all over his body including his front feet and muzzle and he is skinny – from a video and pics, he looks somewhat emaciated. He can barely open his eyes.

He is in pain, clearly suffering and bleeding. This is his reality right now.

However, before anyone posts in judgement and negativity, do note that the owner DID reach out for help and we are assisting. So, please be mindful of any words posted. It is not a great situation, we all agree, yet, realise that any words you post could prevent another Owner from reaching out and doing the right thing, and that would mean an animal would be euthanised over being assisted.

I shall post what is known from his past Vet Records along with what our expert Vet Team will determine form examining and testing him.

We just had to find a way to step up to save him. Yes, we are financially overwhelmed with the ever mounting Vet Bills for BHRR’s Coupe and BHRR’s Royal Blu; yet, we just had to rescue this special needs Dane in urgent need of us too.

We know this is difficult times for all and have no right to beg for donations, yet, I have no ego or pride and shall continue to do what I need to to make miracles happen for those in need of our highly specialised programs. So, I do beg and grovel and keep hope alive in my heart….

It is not going to be easy yet, I am going to focus on the possible, not the impossible….. 

If anyone may consider his own worthy cause, he has a file already set up at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381 under ‘Walter’ for our Rescue


you can donate via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

Soon sweet boy, soon…you will be at the Hospital soon….