Bell(Deaf/Blind on left side)
February 1st, 2020

I truly do not know why I even bother trying to put xpens around my desk to try and get some work done  – working to put winners in touch with the donators from our recent 7th Annual Breaking Bills Bake Auction!

I feel like I am being ‘watched’ AND when I turn around and see not one, not two, not three yet four stunning white beauties honed in on me!

So, time for a walk, a few treats and a break from my computer!

For those still waiting for their auction funds to be collected and to then be put in touch with the donators of your beautiful winnings, you are now going to have to blame the 3 Blind/Deaf Mice & BHRR’s Bell for the further wait! 

I live a blessed life and when they need me, I must go and be with them!

Will continue the auction communications ASAP and for those that have not yet paid, please do check your emails!

I truly shall never get tired of seeing all of these gorgeous special needs Dane mugs!