BHRR’s Coupe
~3 year old NewfX

This is him having more x-rays taken.

Yes, that is blood on the table from that leg. 

The experts are still discussing his case and everyone is waiting anxiously for the results of the culture done on that leg for one of his vets plus one expert believes that the infection stems out from his bone and the ortho expert also believes that this is possibly ‘fungal osteomyletitis’ which has a poor prognosis.

That his lymph nodes are swollen and that his wounds are where they are, he believes that it is likely connected to a proliferative and lytic lesion of the ulna.

Yes, BHRR’s Coupe also has had serious trauma to that leg/elbow that was never treated plus the congenital condition of un united anconeal process, while not completely ruled out now, his one ortho specialist is now even more focused on the fungal osteomyletitis as being a further cause to what is happening. Osteosarcoma remains on the table too.

That leg and elbow is seriously ten shades of messed up….

We all try to continue to wait patiently for the culture results for the specialists and his Vet team to figure out where to go from here…

He is also being treated for Heartworm and is on NSAIDs – Deramaxx plus antibiotics. He has been dewormed once and will be again next week.

AND his foster Mama says that he is the big sweetheart that everyone has said he has been from Tenn ALL the way to his transport to us!

His emerge temp foster home for two nights in the TO area while we had to hunker him down due to bad weather, and I did witness this myself – has proven to also be good with birds and three x 2 week old mini toy poodle puppies!

This boy is deserving of all that others never gave to him in his life to date and please do consider his cause to support…..his body tells the very sad and tragic tale of so much harm done to him. 

However long we can give him, we are hoping it to be one of years and years, yet, may be a lot shorter than that; AND we need to ensure that it is a life of absolute quality and the best in care. We will never see a dog suffer and to all that have met this boy to date, they have fallen madly head over heels in love with him.

His has an account at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic
613-383-8381 and they will take donations, even over the phone for his mounting bills

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

He is our first rescue of 2020 and he really needs the BHRR village to surround him with love!

Thanks to Cassy for buying him an XL Costco dog bed and I had a Wiggle Bumz Martingale collar at home for him to use until we can get him one of his very own from Wiggle Bumz!

AND, to all of those attending our Custom Sign Night at Don Cherry’s in Kanata tomorrow night, if you have any Empties to donate and/or Canadian Tire money, we would deeply embrace them!

THANK you from my heart to our amazing BHRR family for stepping up and buying the remaining tickets required for this event to be a go…..

THANK you also again to Aaron for offering to make one of his delicious home made apple crumble pies AND the Boerskins will have a Bakers Dozen of our famous homemade cinnamon buns up for grabs in our draws.

Humbled beyond words to all that have stepped up to make this event happen!

BHRR’s Coupe’s bills are now close to $2,000 and thank you in advance for even considering to donate $5 to his cause!

Giant Breed dogs come with Giant bills……

AND please do keep him in your thoughts….one of the bullets is not harming him at this time, yet, the other in his chest is going to need further investigation and most likely surgical intervention.