BHRR’s Miss Lily (Deaf/Visually Impaired Great Dane) enjoying the Winter Wonderland today!

The once under socialised, full of anxiety, could not sleep when it was dark, self-mutilating, not house broken, terrified to go outside Deaf & Visually impaired Great Dane is now living a truly amazing life!

She has overcome SO much and while we are still working on some things – the occasional accident in her crate yet, where once it was many times a day, is now maybe three times a month – she has rehabbed into a really well adjusted full of mischief and loving life to the fullest each day kind of gal! 

She has not had any stress about going outside, especially at night in a very long time.

She has been the best of friend and example to BHRR’s Fred who came in with his own anxiety and worries about going outside, especially at night.

She has taught him that is is ok to not be dignified and to Kanga-Dane and race and as the song goes ‘dance like no one is watching!’ 

He has in turn taught her to ‘try’ harder in being patient, to be calmer and that non everything is on her time schedule. She really is an instant gratification gal in many ways!

I may have a PhD yet, I have always said that the dogs help each other more than I ever could!

In re: to if/when Miss Lily may go up for adoption, that is still a big question mark.

We have been slowly working on play dates and visits with myself present and she is doing beautifully and she is not having any big set backs when we come home yet, she is not ready for more at this time…..

She is such a strong girl in a lot of ways, yet, fragile in others and we must do right by her – do right by all of the dogs in our care – and presently, she is not ready for more.

Will she get there?? That is not a pressure that I am putting on her. There is no timeline. We go at her pace, show and gently work on increasing her boundaries yet, never crossing her tolerance threshold. There are days that she bounces into the car, ready for the next adventure – sometimes with her bff and sometimes without as they both do still work on becoming the best dogs they can be on their own too – and other days she wants to stay close to home. Both are fine. That she wants to go out and explore and take on the world more and more is fabu. That she has days that she wants to be a homebody that is equally cool.

AND while she and BHRR’s Fred are the odd couple in so many ways – he is so funny with his soft grumbling vocal sounds until she gets him warmed up yet, if she does not poke and tease him, he pouts! – yet, they have equally done an unbelievable amount of successful work for each other.

He is like a puppy when she gets him started AND she is working on doing the same with BHRR’s Caramel. She is still a wee bit too much for him yet, he is interested and I can see that she is winning over his own heart!

This girl does not have a mean bone in her body – a bit selfish and adorably manipulative yes!  – for it is often always about her! – yet, her heart is bigger than the universe and she is loyal and affectionate and makes me laugh so much daily with her antics!